Simon Girty: Wilderness Warrior Quest Biography

Dundurn #ad - History books he is a villain even worse than Benedict Arnold. But was he truly the "white Savage" of legend, or a hero whose story was twisted by his foes? Scorned by his fellow white frontiersmen as an "Indian lover, " Girty became an Indian agent for the British. During the american revolution and the border conflicts that followed, Simon Girty’s name struck terror into the hearts of U.

S. Settlers in the Ohio Valley and the territory of Kentucky. The americans declared Girty an outlaw. In U. S. He accompanied native raids against Americans, spied deep into enemy territory, and was influential in convincing the tribes to fight for the British. In native history, girty stands out as one of the few white men who championed their cause against American expansion.

Simon Girty: Wilderness Warrior Quest Biography #ad - Yet in canada, girty is regarded as a Loyalist hero, and a historic plaque marks the site of his homestead on the Ontario side of the Detroit River. Girty 1741-1818 had lived with the Natives most of his life.


Lewis Wetzel: The Renowned Virginia Ranger and Scout

Badgley Publishing Company #ad - He has left it up to you, the reader, to decide. Others of the time considered him a barbarous, psychotic murderer for killing innocent Indians, including women and children and thus incited the Indians to warfare against the growing population of whites. Used book in Good Condition. They claim lewis wetzel did everything in his power to prevent peace between the Indians and the settlers so he could keep on killing with impunity.

He is a true american icon, but is he a hero or a villain? Almost all of the early settlers considered him a hero because he vowed to "kill any Indian" who crossed his path and in doing so deterred the Indians from striking the settlements. Other indians, upon hearing that scream, would know that one of their own had just met his end at the hands of the best woodlands warrior that ever lived.

Lewis Wetzel: The Renowned Virginia Ranger and Scout #ad - Deathwind" is what the indians called lewis Wetzel for whenever he made a kill, he would throw back his head and let out a scream of hatred, rage and defiance that echoed throughout the hills. The author of this book wrote the story of Lewis Wetzel in almost novel-like form which makes for very interesting reading and he attempts to keep the middle ground as to whether Wetzel was a hero or a villain.

Lewis wetzel, a famous scout and ranger on the early American frontier just west of the Appalachian Mountains.


Blood on the Ohio: Frontier Tales of Terror

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform #ad - New heroes and Villains Revealed in American History. Murders, torture, and massacres of colonists and Native Americans were reported in early historical journals. 1777 the"bloody year"kentucky under siegegeneral clark's diary of Hostilities in KentuckyHorror Ensues at the Cunningham CabinThe Grigby Farm Plundered With Wife and Small Child Tomahawked and ScalpedThe Slaying of Mr.

Heinous stories, that will bring a renewed understanding of the terrible costs of western expansion; a cost paid in full by the Native Americans and those that thought it just to take their lands. These are the tales of terror. The mass execution of the residents of greenbrier County, West VirginiaThe Bravery of George Baker Saves His Wife and Three Children From the Tomahawk.

Mass murder of the peaceful indian Village of BulltownWholesale Murder of Innocent Indians Results in Deadly Reprisals. The revolution disrupts the fragile peace with the shawnee resulting in renewed attacks on the Kentucky FrontierHamilton the "Hair Buyer" Sends Out War Parties to the Kentucky Frontier SettlementsDaniel Boone's Daughters Captured by Indians Attack on Fort Henry in Present Day Wheeling, West Virginia.

Blood on the Ohio: Frontier Tales of Terror #ad - Cunningham watches her Four Children Murdered and Scalped Before Being Taken Captive. The capture and harrowing rescue of john wetzeltecumseh, witnesses the burning of a CaptiveThe Horrific Story of the Murder and Torture of the Moore FamilyCarnage on Hacker's Creek West VirginiaFour Children Murdered, Scalped and Bodies Placed to Form a Cross.

Poor woman who is tomahawked and scalped lives long enough to give birth to a healthy childtragedy of the killing of amos wood and his son kentuckythe glass farm tyrannythe purdy family butchered in their cabinindian Retaliation the Moravian Massacre - The First Actor in the Tragedy, West VirginiaNeil Washburn's First ScalpThe Mystery Indian Girl WarningThe Execution of the Crow SistersEarly Cincinnati Ohio, The Last Victim of VengeanceTales from Harrison County, A Dangerous PlaceA Tomahawk For the BraveTeen Boys Murder Their Captors and the Mystery of the Bag of GoldCapture and Escape of Moses HewittAdventures of Neil WashburnAmbushed, with Death Cheated by Mother's MilkThe Escape and Rescue of "Hannah the Witch.

Used book in Good Condition.


White Devil: A True Story of War, Savagery And Vengeance in Colonial America

Da Capo Press #ad - That atrocity stoked calls for revenge, and the tough young Major Robert Rogers and his "Rangers" were ordered north into enemy territory to exact it. On the morning of october 4, 1759, Rogers and his men surprised the Abenaki Indian village of St. Francis, slaughtering its sleeping inhabitants without mercy.

. A fast-moving tale of courage, cruelty, hardship, and savagery. Pittsburgh post-gazettein north america's first major conflict, known today as the French and Indian War, France and England--both in alliance with Native American tribes--fought each other in a series of bloody battles and terrifying raids.

White Devil: A True Story of War, Savagery And Vengeance in Colonial America #ad - No confrontation was more brutal and notorious than the massacre of the British garrison of Fort William Henry--an incident memorably depicted in James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans. When, the raiders finally returned to safety, they were hailed as heroes by the colonists, after terrible hardships, and their leader was immortalized as "the brave Major Rogers.

But the abenakis remembered Rogers differently: To them he was Wobomagonda--"White Devil. Used book in Good Condition. A nightmarish retreat followed.


Bloody Mohawk: The French and Indian War & American Revolution on New York's Frontier

Black Dome Press #ad - But by not holding this vital inland waterway the gateway to the West, the river between the mountains America might have lost the Revolution, as well as much or all of the then-poorly-defined province of New York. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. It didn t have to be that way. This sweeping historical narrative chronicles events instrumental in the painful birth of a new nation from the Bloody Morning Scout and the massacre at Fort William Henry to the disastrous siege of Quebec, the horrors of Oriskany, the lopsided Battle of Valcour Island, and the tragedies of the Pennsylvania Wyoming Valley massacre and the Sullivan-Clinton Expedition s destruction of the Iroquois homeland.

The fury of the war increased year by year in the Mohawk Valley, escalating to total war and near-genocide. Caught in the middle of it all was the Mohawk River Valley. Then, wrenched apart by brutal political partisanship, the very social and cultural diversity of the Mohawk corridor made the upheavals when they finally came as violent and pitiless as anywhere.

Bloody Mohawk: The French and Indian War & American Revolution on New York's Frontier #ad - In the american revolution, patriots wrenched the Mohawk Valley from British interests and the Iroquois nations at fearsome cost. Streaming with colonial traffic, the mohawk river valley earlier in the 18th century had become a place where the core ethnic groups of an emerging nation Native Americans, Scots-Irish, Dutch, English, Palatine Germans, and Highland Scots met in commerce and partnership and relative peace and security.

When the fighting was over, the valley lay in ruins and as much as two-thirds of its population lay dead or had been displaced.


The First Frontier: The Forgotten History of Struggle, Savagery, and Endurance in Early America

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt #ad - Houghton Mifflin. Frontier: the word carries the inevitable scent of the West. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. It is the first book in years to paint a sweeping picture of the Eastern frontier, combining vivid storytelling with the latest research to bring to life modern America’s tumultuous, uncertain beginnings.

But before custer or lewis and clark, before the first Conestoga wagons rumbled across the Plains, it was the East that marked the frontier—the boundary between complex Native cultures and the first colonizing Europeans. Here is the older, darker history of a time when the land between the Atlantic and the Appalachians was contested ground—when radically different societies adopted and adapted the ways of the other, wilder, while struggling for control of what all considered to be their land.

The First Frontier: The Forgotten History of Struggle, Savagery, and Endurance in Early America #ad - The first frontier traces two and a half centuries of history through poignant, mostly unheralded personal stories—like that of a Harvard-educated Indian caught up in seventeenth-century civil warfare, a mixed-blood interpreter trying to straddle his white and Native heritage, and a Puritan woman wielding a scalping knife whose bloody deeds still resonate uneasily today.


Simon Kenton Unlikely Hero: Biography of a Frontiersman

Karen Meyer #ad - His narrow escapes from Shawnee Indians rivaled those of his famous friend, Daniel Boone. But would the death sentence of burning at the stake be his undoing?  Tramp the woods with frontiersman, Simon Kenton and gain a new appreciation for what the pioneers faced as they sought to claim their own slice of wilderness on the Ohio frontier.

Simon kenton first came to Kentucky in 1772 as a teen fleeing justice. The land captivated his heart and he dedicated the next 28 years to helping settlers, fighting Indians, and scouting for famous military leaders. When general "mad anthony" wayne led an army in the Northwest Indian War, Captain Kenton headed the crew of one hundred scouts.

They also carried Chief Logan's eloquent speech to the peace negotiations. When tecumseh joined forces with the british in the War of 1812, Simon, though not a young man, rode with the Kentucky militia as an advisor. Never one to run away from danger, frontiersman Simon Kenton used his scouting skills to aid them whenever he could.

Simon Kenton Unlikely Hero: Biography of a Frontiersman #ad - He lived on the edge of danger, and the frontier provided plenty of it! Indian attack, disease, even near-starvation—early pioneers faced these and more. Simon’s influence on the events of his day can be gauged by the men he counted as friends—the daring military leader George Rogers Clark, fellow frontiersman Boone, and the renegade Simon Girty, whom settlers loved to hate.

Bravely facing gauntlets and tortures, Kenton earned great respect from the Shawnee, and admiration from the pioneers.


Border Wars of the Upper Ohio Valley

Jesse Stuart Foundation #ad - Border Wars of the Upper Ohio Valley #ad - Daniel Boone. Used book in Good Condition. Lewis Wetzel. Sam McColloch. Used book in Good Condition. The Girty brothers. In a time and place where uncommon heroism and courage were commonplace. No lover of the history of heroic men and woman will want to put this book down unfinished. Written by a noted historian, this piece chronicles the bloody 25 years that was the winning of the Eastern Frontier, centered at Fort Henry known today as Wheeling, West Virgina.

Houghton Mifflin. This books brings back to you the days of. Betty Zane, etc. Simon Kenton.


The Frontiersmen: A Narrative

Jesse Stuart Foundation #ad - These frontiersmen are the subjects of Allan Eckert's dramatic history. Tecumseh, the brilliant shawnee chief, welded together by the sheer force of his intellect and charisma an incredible Indian confederacy that came desperately close to breaking the thrust of the white man's westward expansion. His incredible physical strength and endurance, his great dignity and innate kindness made him the ideal prototype of the frontier hero.

Eckert's "the Winning of America" series. The frontiersmen were a remarkable breed of men. Houghton Mifflin. Used book in Good Condition. In the frontiersmen not only do we care about our long-forgotten fathers, we live again with them. By his eighteenth birthday, Kenton had already won frontier renown as woodsman, fighter and scout.

The Frontiersmen: A Narrative #ad - Researched for seven years, The Frontiersmen is the first in Mr. Clair, anthony wayne, eckert has recreated the life of one of America's most outstanding heroes, Simon Girty and William Henry Harrison, Simon Kenton. They were often rough and illiterate, sometimes brutal and vicious, often seeking an escape in the wilderness of mid-America from crimes committed back east.

Yet there is another story to The Frontiersmen. It is equally the story of one of history's greatest leaders, whose misfortune was to be born to a doomed cause and a dying race.


Deathwind of the Border

Premium Press America #ad - Historical novel based on the life and times of one of America's greatest frontiersmen responsible for opening up the Ohio River country, Lew Wetzel. Author irv lampman grew up on the small farms and villages of Wisconsin. Wetzel was one of America's first notable pioneers. Wetzel's skill with a long rifle and tomahawk was unmatched; he had near perfect aim and was even able to reload while running after his target.

Houghton Mifflin. Irv states that "the human imagination, when under control, is one of the greatest gifts. And in the deepest recesses of my being, I have a story to tell. Used book in Good Condition. He has harbored a love and talent for the freedom of the frontier, country music, and a good tale. Used book in Good Condition.

Deathwind of the Border #ad - He was a compatriot of Jonathan Zane ancestor of famed novelist Zane Grey. He was known as "deathwind of the border" because of his dedication and ferocity in the pursuit of Native American Indians and sadistic white renegades -- known as Gargoyles.


The Story of Early Ohio: Indians, Frontiersmen, Pioneers, Statesmen and War

Badgley Publishing Company #ad - Used book in Good Condition. Badgley publishing company has taken the contents of his book, added more material and illustrations and re-created this historically significant work in an effort to preserve his story and make it available to the public again. A story of the native americans who were there before the coming of the white settlers and a story of the savage raids and battles fought in the struggle to gain or retain control of this rich, vast territory.

Used book in Good Condition. This book is a wonderful, intriguing look at the history of the Great State of Ohio and those who called it home. A story of the men and women who participated in these events along with the suffering and hardships faced by all in a struggle to keep their home or in their quest to find a better life for themselves and their descendants.

The Story of Early Ohio: Indians, Frontiersmen, Pioneers, Statesmen and War #ad - Houghton Mifflin. The story of early ohio from the days of the Mound Builders to the Victorian Age. This is a story of the people who lived in what is now the Great State of Ohio during those times. In 1897, william dean howells, a novelist who was born in Martins Ferry, to show the love of his native state and provide people with its history, Ohio, authored the book “Stories of Ohio”.